Eco-Pure Brewer Maintenance Kit

$ 14.99

Complete cleaning, descaling, and maintenance kit specifically engineered for K-Cup® compatible brewers. Includes everything needed to ensure top performance and extend the life of your brewer. Cleans the entire brew path. The proprietary Jet Washer flushes the exit needle and produces 12 high pressure streams to wash down the brew chamber removing residues that naturally build up over time. The NSF certified charcoal water filters eliminates water impurities and enhance beverage taste.


  • Complete Cleaning and descaling Kit
  • ECO-Pure™ Solution Eliminates Mineral Build-Up
  • Jet Washer Cleans Brew Chamber and Exit Needle
  • Water Filter Cartridges Removes Water Impurities to Enhance Beverage Taste
  • Compatible with all K-Cup® Brewers