Eco-Pure Cleaning Kit

$ 9.99

The Eco-Pure™ Jet Washing and Descaling Solution cleans the entire brew path of your single serve coffee brewer. From the water reservoir to the exit needle, every part is cleaned. Every bottle of Eco-Pure™ is supplied with Perfect Pod’s proprietary Jet Washer which cleans the most forgotten parts of your brewer. The 12 high pressure streams wash down the brew chamber to remove residues that naturally build up over time. And the K-Cup® format capsule forces cleaning solution through the exit needle to ensure any deposits are cleared away. Specially formulated to attack even the toughest lime and calcium deposits, Eco-Pure™ is non-toxic, biodegradable and leaves no after tastes or odors behind.


  • Combination Cleaning and Descaling Solution
  • Removes Lime and Calcium Deposits
  • Only Product that Cleans the Entire Brew Path
  • Leaves no aftertaste or Odors, No Harmful Chemicals
  • Specially Formulated for Single Cup Brewers