Eco-Flow® Single

$ 4.99

Filter Type: Permanent Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh
Format: K-Cup (Single Cup)
Compatibility: Keurig 1.0 and 2.0. See Compatibility Chart.

As our least-expensive refillable capsule, the Eco-Flow single is an ideal introduction to Perfect Pod reusable coffee capsules. It also offers a super-affordable way for you to experience your first taste of the coffee of your choice on your Keurig machine without being locked into the limited options of single-use pods.

  • Same quality construction as Eco-Fill 2.0 capsules.
  • Holds 14 grams of coffee. Filters out sediment using our special stainless steel mesh screen.
  • Filters out sediment using our special stainless-steel mesh screen.