Coffee Recipes

A connoisseur is defined as "someone who knows a lot about a particular thing and enjoys it a lot." That's a perfect description of our Perfect Pod customers. 

Here are a few great recipes Perfect Pod users have perfected, and we encourage you to try them at home. Results may vary depending upon your pod-brewing machine. 

We encourage you to share your recipes with us and your fellow coffee connoisseurs. If we use your recipe on our website or on Facebook, we'll send you a free gift. To submit your recipe, click here. (Prefill the subject to say Recipe Submission.)

Cappuccino Venezia Café
10 grams finely-ground coffee (preferably dark roast).
10 grams CoffeeMate powdered creamer.

Create one pod using measured espresso ground coffee, and brew into cup. Create a second pod using the creamer and brew in your machine using a smaller brew size. If a double pod holder is available, both can be brewed in the same pod.

Vanilla Spice Café
½ teaspoon pumpkin spice or finely ground cinnamon.

10 grams finely ground coffee (preferably medium roast).
½ teaspoon vanilla extract.

Place the ½ teaspoon of pumpkin spice or cinnamon and the ground coffee in an empty pod filter. Add the vanilla extract on top, seal and brew into mug.

Yummy Licorice Café
½ teaspoon anise seed (grind the seed for a more intense anise flavor).
10 grams finely-ground coffee (preferably medium roast).

First, place the ½ teaspoon of anise seed on a pod filter bottom, spreading evenly. Then add the ground coffee, seal and brew.