Perfect Pod customers agree that our reusable coffee capsules deliver the flavor they're looking for and are exceptionally easy to use. Don't just take our word for it - here's what our customers had to say on Amazon:

Love this stainless steel version. (Eco-Flow Stainless) Easy to clean and use. Rinses quickly to use for a second cup. Like that it actually holds more than the plastic versions I've bought, so can actually make my coffee a little stronger or use just one fill up of the filter to make a larger cup (filled it to the brim and ran 8 oz of water through it twice for 16 oz travel cup and was still plenty strong!) Highly recommend!!! Easy to clean and use. Rinses quickly to use for a second cup. Like that it actually holds more than the plastic versions I've bought, so can actually make my coffee a little stronger or use just one fill up of the filter to make a larger cup (filled it to the brim and ran 8 oz of water through it twice for 16 oz travel cup and was still plenty strong!) Highly recommend!!!

- Betty Batten

Love, love, love this thing (EZ-Cup 2.0) for two reasons. First, it's environmentally friendly. I hated throwing away those K-Cups before - I felt so guilty about the waste. But second, and even better, the coffee turns out better! With the K-Cups my coffee was settling at the bottom, and these, with the paper filters, don't do that. This is the best solution to using disposable K-Cups I've found so far.

- StandUpSister

This is an awesome gadget. (EZ-Scoop)  We wanted to save money by using the reusable pods, but know how messy that can sometimes be. We bought this, along with the cute little filters. After placing the filter in the pod, I use this to flawlessly fill the cup, then turn the scoop around and use the back of it to press the coffee and filter into the pod. Perfect every time!

- Jill Bandstra


Using the EZ-Cup instead of a "ready-made" requires little effort, and has lots of benefits: more variety of coffee for less money and storage space, and a smaller impact on the environment! I throw the cup filter and grounds into my compost.

- Kathleen LeBel

Great for Keurigs that allow you to use your own cups. I like that I can cut down on waste by using just a small filter in my Keurig (reusing this cup). This allows for you to use varying amounts of grounds for your coffee as well, giving you more variability in the strength of your coffee. Very easy to clean (I just rinse mine out) and store with the filters. Great buy!

- jhz7224

I received a Keurig 2.0 450 from my wife for Christmas. Actually, I'm pretty sure the gift was more for HER than me, as she likes all those strange boutique-type of flavors. You know, the super GIRLY ones: Double Dutch Chocolate, Gingerbread Cookie, Pumpkin Spice Supreme, Cinnamon Sweet Potato Swirl, and even Maple Bacon. (I'll admit to trying the Maple Bacon, and yes, it was pretty amazing.) She now happily brews two different "girly" cups of coffee each morning. I think she has finally found her Coffee Heaven with the Eco-Fill 2.0.

This reusable pod is everything it says it is...and then some! I'm surprised to read some negative reviews when the product has worked so well for us, but I can see that this company values customer service based upon their comments. I know they have a good reputation - I've purchased other products from them before - and they'd probably be anxious to help out anyone with problems. Anyhow, if you're wondering whether or not to take the plunge in buying the Eco-Fill 2.0, my advice is to definitely try it. You'll be happy you did.....and the company has a 100% guarantee. How can you go wrong?

- Jeff

My Keurig broke and I didn't want to buy a new one so I used a French press for awhile. I got a new Keurig 2.0 for Christmas but I felt bad about the waste from all of the K-Cups, so I bought this so I could continue to use good coffee and it would be better for the environment. The Keurig 2.0 brewer, along with this reusable K-Cup made much better coffee than using the French press. I am not sure how, but my coffee the first time I used it was a revelation. I cannot wait to use it with the local coffee I got for Christmas instead of the cheap coffee I got from Kroger.

- Brian Headrick

So far, so great! Have only had this reusable k-cup a few days ... Love that I am no longer contributing to landfills with plastic K-Cups. This cup allows me to use my favorite coffees again and again. Great invention!

- DR

This EZ-Carafe works great. The lid takes a little practice closing over the paper filter, but it allows me to use my favorite coffees in my brewer. As an added bonus, if you press Number 2 on your brewer screen instead of carafe, you can brew 12, 14 or 16 oz. travel mug-size cups!

- John Spence

This item works great in the new Keurig 2.0 coffee makers! The carafe-size option saves a lot of money being able to reuse it over and over instead of buying pre-packaged pods that only work one time. Plus, you can use ANY coffee, tea or hot chocolate brand and flavor you like!! LOVE that option as my partner and I both have different favorites and this allows each of us to drink what we individually like instead of one having to make a compromise because it is the others turn to choose. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

- Suzanne Cookson

The Eco-Carafe Pod is nice for a couple of reasons: it eliminates the need to purchase the expensive pre-packaged carafe-sized K-Cups when you have company over, and for those of us who use larger cups, we just slide one cup out while the next fills with our own blend - favorite brand, tea, cocoa... you name it! Super convenient, easy to use, fits perfectly in the 2.0 models and brews a great cup of coffee! Highly recommend!

- AriaBella

We use this every day. So worth the cost since we drink tons of coffee in this camp. I can't live without my Keurig, my husband can't live without his POT of coffee. The 2.0 was the best of both worlds, but he is a Maxwell House guy and fussed CONSTANTLY at the cost of my K-Cups. Even kept our drip coffee maker right NEXT to my Keurig....that was until I purchased this little gadget. Once I taught him how to fill it and how to use the Carafe feature, he was off to the races. He's got his pot of Maxwell House and I have my cups of Donut Shop so mornings are bliss in the Baughman household.

It's an extremely sturdy Pod, not at all like some that feel like they are going to fall apart as you are rinsing them. In fact, I clean this one with an old toothbrush to make sure all the openings are free from grounds and it's just as nice now as when we originally purchased it. The lid snaps down tight and there are never any loose grounds in the bottom of the carafe or around the top opening. If you are looking for a more economical way to fill your Keurig Carafe, this is the way to go.

- AmyBee

FINALLY! At first I was buying $15-$20 a week of K-Cups, it was getting out of control because my wife didn't like the coffee I liked and I didn't like what she liked so we had to each purchase a box at $10/ week, or $20 total. I recently found this K-Carafe which is perfect for 3-4 cup servings with my Keurig. Now comes the hard part of locating a coffee my wife and I both like, but we did and it is a 3 lb. can from Costco which cost $12.

So if we look at the math, I spent $20/week, or $1,040 a year on K-Cups. Now, at $20 for the K- Carafe plus $12 a can (lasts roughly 1 month) at $144, that's $1040 - 20 - 144 = $876!!!

Start saving money - even if you were only spending $10 week that's still $300+ dollars in savings!

- Alex Bagwell

These filters are the best thing since sliced bread for people with Keurig coffee makers. They are easy and simple to use. I prefer this type of filter with the lid to the lidless filter. With the EZ-Cup there are no grounds in your cup or on the lid, and the clean up is quick and easy. No more cleaning out the K-Cup filter every time you want another cup of coffee. Just remove the plastic lid, lift out the EZ-Cup filter, and drop it in the trash.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who uses their own coffee in their Keurig coffee maker.

- Michelle Jaroch

I've been using this system for three years and found it to be the best. No grounds at the bottom of your cup. Pennies per cup compared to the store-bought K-Cups. Easy to clean, easy to control the strength, and produces a great cup of coffee!

- Mark Feilteau

I feel awful using multiple k-cups/day because of the plastic waste but the fillable and reusable pods just didn't make a strong enough cup of coffee for me compared to the pre-packaged K-cups. This pod is different (Eco-Flow Stainless) and really works quite well. I don't even use a filter with it and yet clean up is easy. I am very happy I purchased this stainless steel reusable "pod".

-The Sometimes Savvy Consumer