K2V-Cup Adapter for VUE Brewer

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Filter Type: Permanent Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh
Format: K-Cup (Single Cup)
Compatibility: Keurig VUE Brewers See Compatibility Chart.

K2V-Cup for Keurig VUE Machines *Upgraded*

The K2V-Cup is an adapter that allows you to use traditional K-Cups in your VUE Brewer. The adapter is sold with an Eco-Fill refillable capsule, enabling you to use your favorite ground coffee.

  • Lets you use any standard K-cup in your Keurig VUE brewer. 
  • The K-cup adapter is easy to use, rinses clean, and is dishwasher-safe.
  • The Eco-Fill capsule saves up to 90% of the cost of single-serve VUE cups. 
  • The holder also accommodates Keurig VUE v500, v600, v700, v1200 and v1225 brewers. 
  • High-quality, all stainless-steel components. 
  • Not compatible with Keurig 2.0 brewers.