Coffee Tourism in Colombia?

Coffee Tourism in Colombia?

As of late Colombia has been on many coffee traveler's bucket lists. If this South American gem is on your list why not visit some of the world’s third most prolific coffee producer and experience some genuinely charming coffee tourism.

#1 stop Hacienda Venecia Coffee Farm and Inn

If taking it easy in the beautiful countryside and drinking coffee sounds like a good time then we definitely recommend the Hacienda Venecia, located 20 minutes (10.5 km) from Manizales, and close to the Andean Central Range, and the Nevados National Park. The zone was declared as a World Heritage for the UNESCO, because of its unique Coffee Cultural Landscape.

Enjoy all kinds of activities at Hacienda Venecia, such as coffee tours, cupping & barista workshops, chocolate classes, bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, bird watching and more.

During the coffee tour, you will discuss and learn about the origin and history of Colombian coffee, worldwide distribution, species, the growing, and harvesting (walk through the coffee plantation), processing. As well as visit the wet mill, learn about marketing (Juan Valdez brand), the roasting process, the aromas and properties of coffee, and café de Colombia and its institutions, Coffee Cultural Landscape (World Heritage Site by UNESCO).


#2 WakeCup Coffee Tour

The WakeCup coffee tour a great way to get to know the coffee culture of Colombia from the inside. It is a full-day coffee experience that has been called the best coffee tour in Colombia, and with good reason- the trip goes into far more detail than your average coffee tour. This experience invites travelers to visit working coffee plantations where you can interact with coffee producers to exchange their knowledge about coffee. You will visit unique places in the city that reveal the reasons that make Colombian coffee the best coffee in the world, as well as coffee fields to get in touch with the people and coffee culture of Columbia. Located in Pijao, Quindío, Colombia, and tour duration: 10am a 5pm/6 hours.


# 3 La Victoria

La Victoria is one of the biggest and oldest coffee farms in northern Colombia. It was founded in 1892 by Charles and Alice Bowden, a couple of English entrepreneurs who arrived in the country to work in the development of the railways. The property comprised initially 1223 hectares in an area that was, centuries ago, inhabited by indigenous communities of the ancient Tayrona civilization. Since the early years of La Victoria, the extension of coffee plantations was limited to preserve its unique ecosystems and wildlife. Today, more than the 80% of its total 500 hectares are protected as a natural reserve, making La Victoria a prime destination for nature lovers and particularly bird watchers in Colombia.

In addition to producing first quality organic coffee, La Victoria is also home to Nevada, a small artisanal brewery that produces handcrafted beer with fresh water from the Sierra and local products such as coffee and coca leaves.

If getting away from it all and drinking good coffee and beer it on your agenda definitely check out La Victoria.


#4 Coffee Shops of Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena


What is better than drink fresh coffee sold to a café directly from a small coffee farm? Over the last 10 years, the Colombia coffee scene has grown to rival that of New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. The new generation of enthusiastic, hard-working baristas dedicated to highlighting local farms, educating customers, and meticulously preparing coffee. Cities like Bogotá have some of the best specialty coffee shops selling directly from Colombian growers and roasted in-house.


In Bogota Check out


Arte y Pasión Café

Café Cultor


In Medellin Check Out:

Pergamino Café

Café Revolucion

Rituales Compañía de Café


In Cartagena

Café San Alberto

Café Época Espresso Bar

Café del Mural*F


#5 Parque Nacional del Café


Traveling with kids but still want to immerse yourself in coffee fun? The Parque Nacional del Café is a nonprofit organization, created by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindio. The non-profit's mission to pay tribute to the strength of the coffee growers in Colombia.

Located in the central area of Colombia 20 minutes from the capital city of Armenia Quindio and 5 minutes from the municipality of Montenegro. The park is 96 hectares, 56 of them built in a perfect blend of traditional and modern, with more than 20 cultural attractions and rides among the trees and plants. The park boasts about 4000 species with an average temperature of 69° F degrees. And of course good coffee!

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