Reusable Capsules

Perfect Pod refillable capsules are grouped into two categories: our EZ-Cup® line that uses paper filters and our Eco-Fill® products that come with permanent metal filtering screens built in. While all Perfect Pod refillable capsules offer the highest level of quality, convenience and functionality, the different filtration methods provide some unique benefits based on your individual preferences.

Disposable Paper Filter Advantages

  • Disposal paper filters offer advantages that are important for many coffee connoisseurs, significantly a smoother, more flavorful taste.
  • No grounds or sediment pass through the filter into the coffee. 
  • Most of the coffee's oils are trapped in the paper filter.
  • When you're finished brewing, just dump the 100% biodegradable filter in the trash. No cleanup is required. 
  • Permanent filters allow the coffee to be tamped to ensure the most complete coffee extraction from grounds.

Permanent Metal Filter Advantages

  • Perfect Pod reusable capsules with metal filters accomplish a high level of filtration at a very affordable price.
  • Most cost-effective single-serving coffee system.
  • The coffee's natural oils pass through, desirable for some coffee drinkers.
  • Sediment is minimized but not eliminated.
  • Minimal cleanup.