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EZ-Cup® 2.0 Paper Filters 

10,865,039, 10,111,553, 9,795,243

EZ-Carafe® Paper Filters   10,865,039, 10,111,553, 9,795,243
Café Fill® Value Pack with EZ-Scoop™  9,682,851
Café Supreme®  11,903,518, 11,805,934, 11,832,755
Perfect Pod® Single Serve Universal Reusable Coffee Filter Cup and Perfect Pod® Universal Café Cup  11,903,518, 11,805,934
 Perfect Pod® Single Serve Universal Value Pack  11,903,518, 9,682,851, 11,805,934
Café Filters & Cup

11,903,518, 10,865,039

Café Filters 10,865,039
EZ-Scoop™  9,682,851
EZ-Cup® 2.0 Reusable Capsule 11,903,518

EZ-Cup® Stainless Steel


Café Fill® Deluxe


Café Flow®


Café Fill® 4-Pack 


Café Fill® Value Pack with EZ-Scoop™ 

9,682,851, 11,903,518

Café Flow®™ Stainless Steel


Café Fill® Stainless Steel Filter Cup

11,903,518, 11,805,934, 11,832,755