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 Love the convenience of single brew coffee makers, but not the compromise on taste, expense and the environment? Perfect Pod has the right solution for you. We offer the most comprehensive assortment of reusable filters for K-Cup® brewers as well as a full line of accessories.

Save Money, Use Your own Favorite Coffee, and Reduce Waste using our line of reusable K-Cup coffee filters. Choose from reusable filters with stainless steel mesh or cups that use paper filters for easier cleanup and a cleaner cup of coffee.


Save up to 80% over pre-filled cups


Use your own, fresh coffee




I really like this filter. I have tried several others but this one worked the best. It’s much cheaper to do this than the prefilled k-cups. It also dishwasher safe! (Eco-Fill 2.0 Deluxe)

Amber -- Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This little gadget works great! Easy to use- you can control how much you fill the cup just by controlling how much you're scooping then, with a flip you easily dump it into the empty k-cup. No spilled coffee! (EZ-Scoop)

Dale -- Cincinnati, Ohio

WORKS BEAUTIFULLY. Now I can use regular coffee without having to buy ready-made.

Kerri -- Austin, Texas

Why Settle for Pre-Packaged, Stale Grounds?

Using a reusable filter from Perfect Pod allows you to access the thousands of estate-grown coffee varieties not typically found in pre-filled K-Cups.