Disposable Filter Capsules

The most popular Perfect Pod capsules use 100% biodegradable paper filters for a smooth, flavorful taste. That's because they're so easy to use and the coffee tastes so good. After you finish brewing, just dump the filter and its contents, refill another one and enjoy another cup of your favorite brew.

Disposable Paper Filter Advantages

Disposal paper filters offer advantages that are important for many coffee connoisseurs:

  • The possibility of grounds or sediment passing through the filter into the coffee is eliminated. 
  • Most of the oils are trapped in the paper filter.
  • No cleanup is required. You just dump the filter, put another one in the reusable capsule and add your coffee. It's the ultimate in convenience, and Perfect Pod paper filters are 100% biodegradable.
  • Permanent filters allow the coffee to be tamped to ensure the most complete coffee extraction from grounds.

A significant feature of a paper filter is its ability to eliminate sediments and filter out most oils. While the natural oils do add a level of complexity to a cup of coffee, they also oxidize quickly and often add an undesirable bitter aftertaste. The elimination of sediments also helps ensure a beautiful, bright and clean cup of coffee.

Automatic tamping is another advantage that can only be realized by using our patented Perfect Pod EZ-Cup or EZ-Carafe capsules. The integrated self-tamping spring uses the pliability of the paper filters to advantage, applying pressure to the coffee grounds to eliminate voids in the brewing chamber. This pressure ensures that hot water comes in contact with every grain of coffee to yield the most complete extraction possible. In fact, tests show tamped coffee demonstrates approximately 15% higher extraction rates than non-tamped coffee.

Non-Tamped Coffee
When the coffee sits loosely in the filter, the water flows through easily, making minimal contact with the grounds.
Tamped Coffee
When the coffee is tamped, the gaps between the grounds are minimized, and the water stays in contact with more coffee longer, maximizing extraction.