Permanent Filter Capsules

Perfect Pod capsules with permanent metal filters are equipped with the most durable, reliable filtering screens on the market. Perfect Pod Permanent Filter Capsules are easier to clean than any other capsules using permanent filters, and they're extremely cost- effective.

Permanent Metal Filter Advantages

  • Lowest cost per use of any coffee system.
  • Natural oils pass through, desirable for some coffee drinkers.
  • Sediment is minimized but not eliminated.
  • Minimal cleanup.

Perfect Pod reusable capsules with metal filters use only the finest materials to accomplish a high level of filtration. Our permanent filters are constructed of micro-etched, stainless-steel foil and high-strength stainless-steel woven wire mesh. Both options offer excellent filtration properties, with the micro-etched foil providing superior durability along with the ability to capture slightly smaller particles.

As with any metal filter, some sediments and oils will transfer into your cup of coffee. For some, the sediments and oils provide extra flavor and a boldness to their brew that's highly desirable. Coffee is a personal choice, and Perfect Pod offers a selection of products that deliver just the right taste and texture for your particular palate.

Since Perfect Pods with permanent filters offer the lowest cost-per-cup of coffee possible with a single-serving capsule, they have great appeal for cost-conscious consumers. Our reusable filters are all designed to provide years of service, so your one-time purchase of a Perfect Pod permanent filter capsule should yield thousands of cups of your favorite coffee.

While there is nothing easier that throwing away a paper filter, our permanent-filter capsules are also designed for easy cleanup. Just tap it a couple times on a hard surface to loosen the grounds, open the lid, dump the grounds, give it a quick rinse under tap water and you're done.