Café Pure Cleaning Kit
Café Pure Cleaning Kit
Café Pure Cleaning Kit
Café Pure Cleaning Kit

Café Pure Cleaning Kit

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The Café Pure™ Jet Washing and Descaling Solution cleans the entire brew path of your single-serve coffee brewer. From the water reservoir to the exit needle, every part is cleaned. Every bottle of Café Pure™ is supplied with Perfect Pod’s proprietary Jet Washer, which cleans the most forgotten parts of your brewer. The 12 high-pressure streams wash down the brew chamber to remove residues that naturally build up over time. And the K-Cup® format capsule forces cleaning solution through the exit needle to ensure any deposits are cleared away. Specially formulated to attack even the toughest lime and calcium deposits, Café Pure™ is non-toxic, biodegradable, and leaves no after tastes or odors behind. 

  • Combination Cleaning and Descaling Solution
  • Removes Lime and Calcium Deposits
  • Only Product that Cleans the Entire Brew Path
  • Leaves no aftertaste or Odors, No Harmful Chemicals
  • Specially Formulated for Single Cup Brewers

The Café Pure Jet Washer is not compatible with the 5-stream Keurig Supreme models; it is compatible with all other Keurig models. 

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