EZ-Shelf for Nespresso

$ 17.99

The EZ-Shelf™ is the lowest profile under cabinet storage solution on the market. So low, it virtually disappears. It is also the easiest to use under cabinet storage solution. A simple magnetic catch and unique 2-point pivot hinge system allows the EZ-Shelf™ to open easily at any position from fully retracted to fully extended. The EZ-Shelf™ is narrow so it will fit in even the tightest environments. Cabinets are all different, so the EZ-Shelf™ is designed to be versatile. With the included spacers and two different length handles, the EZ-Shelf™ can be configured for any cabinet style. Whether the cabinets have decorative molding, surface mounted or recessed lighting, the EZ-Shelf™ will fit perfectly.

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  • Holds 20 Nespresso® Original Line® Format Capsules
  • Low Profile Virtually Disappears when Installed
  • One Handed Operation, opens easily at any position
  • Narrow Design Fits Effortlessly Between Appliances
  • Comes with Spacers and 2 Different Length Handles to Adapt for Almost any Cabinet Configuration